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The year is 2038. You are stuck in a high security military prison as a war criminal. There are no such thing as countries anymore. This is world war 3. The final war! "Hey you! Get away from the cell door!"
As the guard walks by, you punch him with all your strengh
You see he has a gun and decide to leave him alone.

He falls down uncontious. You reach down through the bars and grab the keys. Once you're out of your cell there are two ways to go. Both seem endless. Is there another way? You go...
Go left. you see a light down there.
Go right. you heard a door slam over there.

As the guard walks by, he hits you over the head with his gun. When you wake up you find yourself in the jail hospital. Your head hurts but you do know that of all the escapes from this prison, they've all happened here! You...
Stand up and walk to the door marked "exit"